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Cyber Supply Chain
Risk Management

For the organisation, upstream customers, downstream third and fourth-party suppliers

The proactive audit and risk management solution...

...that you can turn around efficiently

  • Audit Fatigue – When there is a new sales opportunity, everybody in the business becomes excited. Still, to the security team, that means participating in a new audit exercise and completing exhausting spreadsheets. The security team is overwhelmed by participating in several audit exercises that take them away from what they have passion for and were hired to do: protecting the business assets.

There are three major challenges for cyber security audits:

  • Bad Governance – With increased compliance and contractual obligations pushed by upstream customers and regulators, companies are hopelessly burning their cash to keep up with these compliance needs. Without following an overarching and unified compliance program against a substantial number of regulatory and contractual requirements, there is only one foreseeable result: bad governance.

  • Visibility - There is a warped perception when it comes to supply chain risks:everybody focuses on their third-party suppliers without adequately considering the organisation’s role in the supply chain. Business assets must be identified, their journey monitored and protection applied across the organisation, third and fourth-party suppliers. Without this inclusion, the entire chain can be easily broken, as we see daily in media.

Now there is
a better way

Proactive Cyber Supply Chain
Risk Management

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We help our customers Safeguard their business crown jewels

with automated, compliant, and proactive cyber security


Forte Cyber Resilience

Forte Cyber Resilience is an intelligent, collaborative, and consultant-driven platform that enables the management and communication of the audit and risk requirements across the organisation and its crown jewels.


Benchmark your capabilities across a variety of Information Security and Data Privacy standards and address your compliance needs in a holistic approach.


Forte Vendor Risk Management

Identify, profile and manage cyber, privacy and quality risks across your 3rd and 4th suppliers based on their criticality to your business using the Forte Vendor Risk Management platform.

Also, add proactiveness by connecting to our threat intelligence feeds.


Forte Partners

Leverage Forte specialists and cyber ecosystem partners to conduct smart risk assessments across your organisation and suppliers using the Forte platform and help you to remediate audit findings in a pragmatic and practical approach.


Whether you are an advisor or managed service provider, you can leverage the Forte suite of products to add value and increase visibility of cyber risks to your customers.

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Secure Forte customers love our platform. Read some feedbacks from G2.

"Clear overview, improved cyber maturity, evidence-based results. results to be uploaded, thus reducing the cost and complexity of managing information security."

George Pragsson, CIO of CGH Group

"Sophisticated and Intuitive SaaS Solution, covering all of our regulatory requirements in ISO 27001, CPS234, and CIS."

Robert Sumsion, Security Manager of Inlogik

Executive Director, Financial Institute

average rating is 5 out of 5

Knowledgeable and adaptable system which coordinates our work over several standards

GRC Consulting Manager Lead

average rating is 5 out of 5

Collaborative, risk-driven, supplier profiled approach to review suppliers’ security capabilities.

Senior Cyber Security BA, NSW government

average rating is 5 out of 5

With an amazing team, Forte is one of the best leaders in providing high quality security solutions.

CISO, NSW government

average rating is 4 out of 5

A perfect platform for managing and continuously improving supply chain risks management.

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