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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and this holds particularly true for supply chains and businesses in the digital era. The improperly designed or implemented IT security infrastructure can do your business more harm than good, providing ill-minded cyber criminals with an opportunity to disrupt your internal processes or cost you thousands in lost revenues or lost reputation.

Secure Forte specialises in Cyber Resilience Assessment via our secure SaaS-based platform. Fully automated and secure, our SaaS solution provides your company with a simple, intelligent and collaborative solution that continuously assesses the relevance and effectiveness of your IT security capabilities. We compare your current cyber resilience to a number of internationally accepted security standards, including ISO 27001 and NIST Cyber Security Framework and provide you with actionable insights and improvement strategies.

Business Behaviour

Gathering information about the business under the review in terms of industry, location, data, compliance and contractual obligations.

Collaborative Assessment

Scenario based assessment through short and collaborative meeting(s) with the leadership team.

Risk Based

Produce risk-based outcomes along with prioritised and relevant mitigation strategies.

Cyber Risk Exposures

Auto generated list of risk exposures based on latest updates from the Cyber landscape and the business context.

Accurate  Outcomes

Auto generated Audit Panels combined with best usage of artificial intelligence to produce accurate and relevant outcome.

Unified Compliance

The core design is based on the requirements of ISO 27001, NIST Cybersecurity, Financial Audit and Good Privacy.

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