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Forte Vendor
Risk Management SaaS

End-to￾-end management platform to identify, profile, and risk-assess suppliers and partners within your supply chain. Proves fundamental security and compliance for potential suppliers.

The secure, intelligent, communicable platform for Cyber Supply Chain risks.

Secure Forte allows you to manage and mitigate your supply chain cyber security risks

Your supply chain.  
Your risk. 
Your opportunity
to manage and mitigate.

Govern it.
Automate it.
Assess it.
Proactively Manage it.

Govern your supplier process

Govern your suppliers based on the platform’s adaptive capabilities. Whether your organisation relies on one person to do everything, or the responsibilities have been divided between contract owners and relationship managers, Forte Cyber Supply Chain Security automates and facilitates communication between the contract owner, contract manager, auditor, and supplier. The platform also generates a risk-driven view of suppliers’ capabilities based on your internal risk matrix.

Secure Forte - Govern your supplier process

supplier assessment

Include your third-party suppliers and add some context about the type of data they have access to, their level of access to data,  and their impact on your ongoing business operations. The platform will determine the supplier impact and drive the due diligence exercise and the ongoing supplier relationship relevant to your business needs.

Identify your suppliers

Secure Forte allows you to identify your suppliers

You can leverage Forte assessment libraries containing our scenario-based questionnaires and/or include your customised questions. The platform will communicate the questionnaires with suppliers, and the supplier will complete the questionnaires and should provide acknowledge-ment of the accurate information and right to audit.

Screenshot 2023-11-12 123703_edited.png

Verify supplier capabilities

The Secure Forte platform can be run in audit-driven gear, a useful solution for high-impact suppliers. Once the supplier completes the assessment libraries, the platform will generate an audit control panel that advises your dedicated auditor team on the supplier’s evidence requirements. Your dedicated auditors will verify the evidence list and finalise the assessment.

Secure Forte VCM SCRM Supply Chain Security Platform allows you to verify supplier capabilities

4th Party

The platform can identify high-impact fourth-party suppliers and find the control gaps within their cyber capabilities that could pose a high risk to your organisation.

The platform can further monitor your high-impact suppliers using our threat intelligence feeds. We will automatically collect and generate intelligence about your supply chain to identify attacks that may be used to compromise your high-impact third-party suppliers. This will ensure that your incident response team will not lose crucial moments when detecting and responding to zero-day vulnerabilities that could largely impact your data assets.

Proactive Monitoring

Screenshot 2023-11-12 123909.png

Management Dashboards and Reports

Screenshot 2023-11-12 125051_edited.png

The platform will then generate the supplier assessment reports, management dashboards and issue management capabilities for the ongoing management of supplier relationships.Our aim is not to do a witch-hunt but to provide a centralised point of communication where you and your suppliers can set expectations and work together towards those expectations.

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