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Louis Abdilla

Chief Revenue Officer


Louis has over 20 years of experience in Cyber Security. Louis has held roles such as Product Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager and finally as the CEO. Louis is driven by new challenges that the world is facing with technology transformation and the evolution of the digital world. He possesses an unwavering commitment to customer service, with the ability to build productive relationships, resolve complex issues and win customer loyalty.  

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Mani Amini

Managing Director


Secure Forte's founder, Mani Amini, is an entrepreneur and cyber security expert with over 15 years of experience in risk management, security auditing, and enterprise security architecture. In his previous role, he surveyed the market, looking for a solution that could improve consulting efficiency and provide businesses with a simple, automated solution for cyber resilience. Struggling to find an appropriate product, Mani came up with the idea of creating one: and Secure Forte was born.

At Work



Experienced Developers 


Our in-house development team consists of highly regarded professionals with more than 20 years of experience in architecting, designing, and developing Software programs by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning models. 

Advisory board

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Mikhail Lopushanski

"Mikhail Lopushanski is a highly regarded security leader that has over 24 years of industry experience in strategic planning, corporate governance, audit, risk, and information security.

Mikhail is a Chief Security Officer for a well-known Australian government organisation. In the past, he worked with the public and private sectors across Canada, UK and Australia and established back end office for Sydney Harbour Bridge electronic tolls and has had some unusual reviews including UK Courts, HMS Prison Service and assaying gold reserves. He has established and managed enterprise security management systems, forensic investigations, and business continuity practices and was directly involved in establishing the NSW Government Digital Information Security Policy."

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Abbas Sotoudeh

Dr. Abbas Sotoudeh is a globally minded CEO, Technology Manager and a serial entrepreneur. He has founded a number of start ups and has been involved with every stage of business development from early product ideas to international market penetration and final IPO. In his last role he was the CEO of Keeler group in the UK for 12 years focusing on innovation and global market expansion of a regulated medical company dealing with thousands of customers and suppliers. Abbas has a Ph.D in Instrumentation and Control and an MBA from Imperial College UK.

What we think

and what we do

About Secure Forte


At Secure Forte, we believe in doing things differently. We are a team of passionate information security strategists, specializing in designing and implementing future-proofed Cyber Security solutions. Leveraging years of experience and commitment to innovation, we are dedicated to helping businesses prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks, without breaking the bank.

Our services are focused around providing consulting services for security architecture, compliance, and audit. Our goal is to not only help your company meets its compliance and contractual obligations but design cyber security solutions, aligned with your organisation's current and future needs and niche-specific challenges.

Secure Forte Supply Chain Cyber Security
Secure Forte Supply Chain Cyber Security



At Secure Forte, we are fueled by a desire for innovation. With our SaaS solutions, we aspire to transform the cyber security landscape by:

  • Providing automated, simple business-driven solutions

  • Maximizing value and profits for shareholders

  • Supporting tech veteran business culture and the tech community

  • Creating a culture that celebrates entre-preneurship and innovation

What's the difference?

Secure Forte - Proactive supply chain cy


You are in business.


You aren't spending your days thinking about cyber security risk.

But we do.

Our team of visionaries, entrepreneurs and high-level information security experts are always thinking about what the bad actors are going to do next. 

Because we spend our days working out all the ways your business can be derailed, we posess an intimate understanding of the cyber security landscape and its challenges. 

Let's get prepared.

Secure Forte - Automated supply chain cy


Threats strike quickly.


Your response will be the making or the breaking of your business.

Speed is crucial.

How will you muster the IT resources when you need them, at this critical time? Meeting your organisation's cyber resilience demands can prove to be a bit of a challenge.

We provide the quick response and resource ramp-up you need. So you can respond to and recover from cyber-attacks, without breaking the bank.

Secure Forte - Rapid supply chain cyber


Bot beats hacker.

Well, in this case, a well informed, well constructed automated cyber security system wins, hands down.


Within our SaaS solutions, we develop sound and relevant cyber resilience strategies around your mission and objectives.

We look at your values, risks and compliance requirements.

And then we automate the process so it's always there, shielding you from threats.


The Secure Forte difference is

proactive, rapid, automation. It makes all the difference.