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Finding the right CISO for your business is becoming a critical initiative for businesses today.

Secure Forte is the right vCISO for you

Finding the right CISO

With the emergence of Cyberattacks and the importance of
Compliance and Governance growing rapidly... do you ensure you have the right CISO for your organisation? 

Below are some questions you need to ask yourself before you begin the search in finding the right CISO for your business. 

Secure Forte - the right vCISO for your
How much can you afford to ensure you will have a well experienced CISO for your business with experience within your industry? 
Have you defined your objectives and goals for the next two to three years in regards to Cyber? 
Do you understand the Cyber issues that the business is concerned about from an executive level? 
Are you able to promote Cyber issues to the executives so they understand and provide their support to resolve them? 
Do you understand the challenges (sovereignty, privacy, compliance, etc.) of transforming from on-premise data, to the cloud or hybrid?
Does the candidate have real-world experience of digital transformation?
Do you know the source of Cyber threats towards your business?, External? Internal? your users? your supplier chain? Are you a targeted business? 

vCISO opportunity

Why Choose Secure Forte as your cyber security strategist?

Forte’s Cyber strategists are business acumen and have more than decades of experience in strategising, implementing, and overseeing security initiatives across various industry sectors.

They have real-world experiences of Cyber Attacks and breaches and understand what needs to be done in these unfortunate circumstances to enable the business to function in tough times. 

Leveraging Forte’s SaaS platforms, the virtual CISO (vCISO) will continuously work with senior stakeholders of the Information Security to monitor and improve the organisation’s Information Security capabilities in a pragmatic approach.

Screenshot 2023-11-12 130801.png

Our vCISO Roadmap:



vCISO will use the Forte Cyber Resilience platform to understand the business context and Information Security capabilities.



In collaboration with the leadership team, vCISO will build (or improve) a practical compliance framework that is understandable, relevant to your business, and achievable by your people. In regards to the compliance framework, we follow an overarching approach ensuring the outcome will meet best practice, all of your regulatory, compliance, and contractual requirements.

Monitor and Improve


How can we improve if not monitoring our performance?

vCISO will identify performance indicators and continuously monitor them, ensuring Information Security capabilities meet their performance objectives.



Failing to Communicate is a Recipe for Failure

Our Cyber strategists have a business education, years of experience in communicating the consequences of Cyber risks to the leadership team without using an alien language.

How do you know we're good?
Ask for references and chat to some of our clients.

Ask us about our vCISO roadmap and find out what others are saying about Secure Forte - contact us now
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