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Non-Executive directors appointed to the Secure Forte Advisory Board

Mikhail Lopushanski

Mikhail Lopushanski is a highly regarded security leader that has over 24 years of industry experience in strategic planning, corporate governance, audit, risk, and information security.

Mikhail is a Chief Security Officer for a well-known Australian government organisation. In the past, he worked with the public and private sectors across Canada, UK and Australia and established back end office for Sydney Harbour Bridge electronic tolls and has had some unusual reviews including UK Courts, HMS Prison Service and assaying gold reserves. He has established and managed enterprise security management systems, forensic investigations, and business continuity practices and was directly involved in establishing the NSW Government Digital Information Security Policy.

Abbas Sotoudeh

Dr. Abbas Sotoudeh is a globally minded CEO, Technology Manager and a serial entrepreneur. He has founded a number of start ups and has been involved with every stage of business development from early product ideas to international market penetration and final IPO. In his last role he was the CEO of Keeler group in the UK for 12 years focusing on innovation and global market expansion of a regulated medical company dealing with thousands of customers and suppliers.

Abbas has a Ph.D in Instrumentation and Control and an MBA from Imperial College UK.

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